After firmware update my trezor looks for recovery seedphrase and cant get through

Firmware update pops up and need to install the firmware 1.10.5 . After that i need to enter my seedphrase and intentionally cancelled it because i thought it was a scam. After checking that it is a legit firmware, i entered my trezor one seedphrase (24 words) and it says i entered wrong seedphrase. Now i cant open my trezor. What should i do? Is there a connection with cancelling the update? thank you

Here is my Ticket ID: 131774 . Need response asap. Thank you

Updating the firmware version may reset the device.
As long as you use advanced recovery, there is no problem with selecting the seed phrase on the screen to recover like a pin.
If your 24 seed phrases are wrong, you probably didn’t record them correctly.