"Address is not valid"

When “Send” USDT (ERC20) to the address TSxJsWeq8GoTaRkXQ7vQ9xWV4hN6DV5f5F received from the exchange “Hotbit”, “Trezor-Suite” writes “Address is not valid” - Why?

What is the reason?

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because you did not choose the right chain !

this is sure not a erc20 address

Hey! I have a similar situation.
Some time ago I transferred ETH and USDT from Bybit to my Trezor. Now I wanted to return it back from Trezor to the exchange, but when specifying the spot wallet of the exchange, I transferred from it to Trezor - an error appears in the address window - The address is invalid. Convert it to a checksum address. What to do with it? Exchange support was unable to help. (tried Binance - same thing)

here is the spot wallet address of the exchange where the error occurs - 0xe2c3a648f9b6c83a6d9ea6eaa5a8b407d66b2b8f

just click Convert to checksum (you will see some letters change to capital) and then send it

ok thanks, I’ll try with a small amount

I am having the same problem. Trying to send SNT from Trezor to an exchange. When I copy the exchange address into Trezor I get message to convert to checksum address. I click on that message to do that, and then the “Review and Send” button at the bottom is greyed out and I can’t click on that. So I am not able to send the SNT. Any suggestions? Thanks.