Add Stellar IN Trezor T wallet

Hello friends
I just bought a Trezor T wallet
But in the wallet section, I see only 14 wallets. Of course, I know how to add the tokens that are based on Ethereum.
But the problem is that I cannot add the Stellar currency
What should I do ?

XLM is supported via Exodus:

Process is shown in this video: Supported coins in Trezor - YouTube

Thank you
How can I connect this software to my wallet?
I watched your video and did not find anything about this

please, click the link in the post I sent, it is a step by step manual.

Thank you
I went through all the steps and installed the software and connected my wallet to the computer, but no connection was established between the software and the wallet.

Make sure you have Bridge installed: Trezor Suite

I went through all the steps
I installed the Exodus software
I entered the device in the settings section
And I clicked the Trezor wallet installation
But nothing happened and practically nothing was done

I downloaded and installed the desired software, but still nothing happened

if you have any issue, open a support ticket please:

alternatively you can use Account viewer to store XLM in Trezor: