Add paraphrase to existing wallet number

Can I add a paraphrase to a metamask wallet that was imported into a Trezor ?

Hi @Bitbuddy60,

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Do you mean if you can add a Passphrase to a Metmask account or add a Passphrase to a Standard account you have in your Trezor, which is connected to Metamask?

in trezor, I transferred a metamask account into the Trezor as the standard account using the Metamask seed words and would like to use the passphrase option in the Trezer to protect it.

If you want to use a Passphrase in Trezor, it can only be used on a Hidden wallet. You cannot add a Passphrase to a Standard wallet. So if you transferred the funds from Metamask to your Standard wallet in Trezor, then you first have to create a Hidden wallet in Trezor by using a new Passphrase when you login. Trezor is made so that when you enter a Passphrase at login, it looks for a Hidden wallet with that Passphrase and if it doesn’t find one, a new one will be created for you.

Then, you move your funds from the Standard wallet to the Hidden wallet you just created.

Note that you must remember this Passphrase (write it down) or you won’t get access to your Hidden wallet. If you forget it, no one can help you and your funds in that Hidden wallet will be lost.

I don’t recommend using a Hidden wallet, until you fully understand what a Passphrase is and how to use it. A Hidden wallet has benefits, but also risks and it’s very easy to do something wrong if you don’t know what you do.

Read about Passphrase here:

Also, never use your Trezor Recovery seed in any other place than in Trezor. The same goes for Metamask’s Recovery seed. I’m not sure if you did, but if you used your Metamask Recovery seed when you set up Trezor, then it’s a big risk and you can lose all your funds.

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