ADA is missing from my Wallet

I have transferred ADA from Coinbase to Trezor Wallet using Wallet.
All went through fine and I confirmed crypto got transferred. (Meaning I see the amount that got transferred - out of the Coinbase and into the Trezor Suite)
Today, I check Adalite and there is none. My account is zero. Since I transfer last week, today is the first time I am logged in to check the wallet.
Am I doing something wrong? Why I don’t see the balance?

Do you see the address of the wallet with a balance of 0 that is the same address you sent coins to with Coinbase?

Thanks for the question.

To double-check the address, I review on the Coinbase statement and I didn’t see any information pertaining to the address where the crypto withdrawal went to, it only showed the transaction number.

Is there a way to trace back the address of the transaction? I didn’t write it down or screenshot of the transaction at the time, but I am sure I must have used the correct address since I’ve seen the balance on Adalite when I withdraw from the Coinbase Pro to Adalite connecting with Trazor Wallet.

I haven’t used a wallet compatible with ada, maybe that wallet also supports passphrases? If it’s a passphrase issue, then you need to enter the exact same passphrase to access the same wallet.

I don’t think it is. I haven’t given passphrases at Adalite wallet. Only passphrases are at the Trezor Wallet side.