Activity says "New Wallet Created" everytime I log in

Everytime I log in, the “Activity Bell” says “New Wallet Created”. I’ve got 2 Trezor T’s, and they both say it. I’m on the desk top app. Is this ok, or should I be concerned? I’m not creating a wallet, I’m just logging in. Activity also says I’m logging in, and the time stamp is the same on both the log in and the new wallet created notice.

I hate to respond to my own post, but the reason I’m asking is I don’t know if someone has access to my wallet is randomly creating new wallets every minute trying to get lucky, or is this what every wallet says when you click on the bell and hit activity (in the upper right corner of your page)?

nobody is accessing your wallet…yes, it says new wallet every time you enter the wallet


Thanks forgi. That’s what I was hoping to hear.