Account wiped of funds after firmware update, key phrase recovery not working

Hi there,

Please help me recover my bitcoins. I updated my trezor and it all got wiped. I wiped in and tried the recovery in wallet, but all my funds are still not showing up at all. I use my passphrase to access the hidden wallet after recovery and all 20seed words and still nothing in the account!!
Please help


Have you tried recovering your trezor wallet using a third party Ether wallet such as

hi @lamik87

Please note that firmware update can’t wipe your funds.

What wallet interface do you use, is it Trezor Suite ?
Do you have all types of Bitcoin accounts added ?
Is there any transaction history in your BTC accounts you know you used before ?
Are you sure you are accessing right wallet ?
if you have any TxID to check your previously used (first) receiving address please compare it with the BTC address you can generate now - they have to match. If they don’t you are accessing wrong walet.