Account Balance

I have just logged back into the wallet after a few months not accessing it, however i cannot see my account balances ? Everything shows 0 ? any suggestions please

Make sure your Firmware and other software connected with Trezor (Trezor Suite, and Trezor Bridge – if you use the web version of Trezor Suite) are updated.

I have checked and the trezor is now updated, web version is also updated to latest version, last time I used this, i remember seeing my balances but now showing 0

What’s the type of coin that’s missing, Bitcoin (BTC)?
Make sure you’re looking in the correct wallet, if you’re using a Hidden wallet.

BTC and I had wrapped ETH

You are using a hidden wallet.

Most likely your passphrase is wrong.

jjust to be sure, the passphrase is the password ?

heii @nseeker

No password is different than Passphrase.

There are no wrong passphrases, each time you enter a different passphrase you create a new account wich belongs to nyour recovery seed words + passphrase.

You can learn more here Passphrase — the Ultimate Protection for Your Accounts | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

thanks for your helpful suggestions, I have the relevant noted phrases/passwords now

Hello, wondering if you could be of any assistance. I recently upgraded the software from 22.5.3 to 23.8.1.
Before doing so i checked my accounts and all of the coins were there with the appropriate money value.
I have been emailing support, and they say that i have to activate my coins.
I have the ethereum for 20 coins checked but i can not get the balnces only the amount of crypto. anyhelp would be appreicated
thank you