Accidentally sent Theta from Theta Wallet to my Trezor Model T ETH address

Accidentally sent 50 Theta from Theta Wallet to my Trezor Model T ETH address.
That is about $300.00.

I have found this webpage that claims to tell me what to do but it seems Phisy…

There are a couple of links in the above linked page that I am concerned about.

This seems like a big risk just to try and retrieve $300.00 when there is much more to loose.

Can someone help me to understand if this is best to just forget or are these links and practices normal for this situation?

I would MUCH rather lose 300 bucks and move on instead of delving into a world I hardly know from a hole in the ground…

Update: The above link is indeed from Theta’s own FAQ. So I guess it is legit. I feel too uninformed to be messing around with this.

I guess this is legit as Theta sent me the same page linked above in an email from support.

How can I get my private keys from a Trezor for my ETH on said Trezor?

Do I have to use BIP39 - Mnemonic Code or is there some other way?

Generally, exporting your private keys represented by your mnemonic phrase (recovery seed) - which would be the only option in this case - is strongly not recommended as it can get compromised once exposed online…

However if you decide to do so please make sure that you transfer all remaining funds into the backup wallet beforehand and after retrieving your coins you create new wallet and generate fresh recovery seed.

Thanks, I actually realized that lying in bed last night. It was pretty easy to get it done and now I have my 300 bucks worth of Theta back safe and sound.
Thanks again for the pointer.

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