Accidentally sent Binance-Peg Tezos Token to Trezor One

I accidentally sent unsupported token (Tezos) to Trezor One. How can I access it? Any advice?

Well, Tezos is on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) so if you transferred your Tezos with that network, then you can see and work with them through a BSC account on Metamask. See this post for more. You’ll find the contract address on CoinMarketcap, under “Contracts”.

By the way, do you find them on when you search with your Tx ID?

Hi @5t3ff please PM me your TxID so we could have a look at it.

@pavel Did you receive the ID? Any advice?

I connected Metamask to my Trezor. Tezos shows zero. :frowning:

Anyone can help me please?

Hi @5t3ff

As @Petosiris correctly pointed out, the post mentioned gives explanation of your issue.

Apparently, you didn’t send Ethereum but Binance-Peg Tezos Token. Therefore you cannot see these tokens on your Ethereum account.

Ethereum is running on Ethereum network. This network can be used for ERC20 tokens and you can access them for example by using Trezor Suite, available from For exploring these transactions, Ethereum block explorer is used.

BNB, on the other hand, is running on Binance Smart Chain. The network can be used for BEP20 tokens such as Binance-Peg Ethereum Token. For exploring transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, Binance Smart Chain block explorer is used.

To sum it up, Binance Smart Chain is different from Ethereum network. Although address format looks the same (addresses begin with ‘0x’), both networks are completely different.

Although, Binance Smart Chain is not officially supported by the Trezor device, it is still possible to use it with. Pair your Trezor device with the MetaMask application, as instructed Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki , and proceed with the following custom settings:

  • to import Trezor’s public keys, connect the Trezor device, go to MetaMask, and pair it with Trezor
  • instead of Main Ethereum Network, select Custom RPC
  • as Network name type in Binance Smart Chain
  • as New RPC URL type in
  • as ChainID (optional) type in 56
  • as Symbol (optional) type in BNB
  • as Block Explorer URL (optional) type in

For more information, please see another manual: Get Started on Binance Smart Chain in 60 Seconds | Binance Blog

Once you successfully set up the Binance Smart Chain, see how to add a custom token to access your Binance-Peg Tezos Token. Remember, you will need copy-paste the contract address from Binance-Peg Tezos Token (XTZ) Token Tracker | BscScan

That is exactly what I did but after connecting my Trezor to Metamask and adding XTZ it shows Zero.

  1. First, you need to set up the BSC network. Can you confirm that?
  2. Next, you need to access your receiving address 0x49f27734af2395… Can you confirm that?
  3. Then, add this token by copy-pasting its contract address 0x16939ef78684453bfdfb47825f8a5f714f12623a Can you confirm that?

I’ve followed the instructions. now i can see the benance-peg assets that i have sent to metamask. the problem is, how do i send it back to binance?

Hi @Grid14440632

To spend these funds, you must send some BNB to this address (where your BEP20 tokens are) to use it as Gas (transaction fee). Have a look at Bsc Gas Tracker at Bscscan to see how much you will need for sending a transaction.