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Hi. i recently bought a trezor T model. i’m trying to send my BTC to trezor wallet. but it always gives me invalid addresses, and i can’t send my funds from coinbase to trezor wallet. does anyone know why?

After i click confirm on Meta Mask, when im redirected to the Trezor Web suite to sign ethereum transaction the page just keeps saying loading. I’ve tried clearing the cache and check for updates but everything is up to date. It was working fine yesterday but today it just stopped working. Any suggestions?

I’ve opened a support ticket with #86579

Hello guys!

I connected my new Trezor One to Trezor Suite on Tails OS (took me two days to figure out how to do it…) and during the initial set-up phase I bumped into an error while downloading a firmware update (probably because of the Tor connection or so).

The only way to solve it was to find the firmware online and install it manually. I did it successfully, however the only one I found was ‘Bitcoin Only’ firmware.

My question is: is it possible to change the ‘Bitcoin Only’ firmware to ‘All Coins’ standard one? Maybe there is a way to download it somewhere and install manually via Terminal commands?

Model: Trezor One
Firmware version: 1.10.2
Software: Tails OS (Linux Debian)

Thank you!

I would like to connect my device on a VPS running Windows. My device (a T) won’t work. I installed both the Suite and the Bridge. I made sure I was using Chrome. The device works when I’m not using the VPS. Can somebody explain why this is and if there is a solution? I would really prefer to use my device on the VPS. Thanks.

I had the similar problem. Unboxed Trezor Model T and began setup. It kept failing over and over again saying the device disconnected or “Error 19.” I disconnected my VPN (not VPS like you) and it worked on the first attempt.

Hi. Please help me. I can’t connect my trezor T via web trezor suite. This is what I see on my display:

Error occurred
It appears something is broken. You might let us know by sending report
navigator.registerProtocolHandler is not a function