A few discrepancies in packaging that got me thinking

Hello, I just received my Model T Backup Pack, that I bought from the Trezor e-shop, last night and took a better look at it this morning as well as noting a couple other things that caught my attention to ask about. I couldn’t find the page to submit a support ticket so I’m posting here.
The package it came in has a second label on top of another. I’ve tried peeling the top label off to see if I could get any information from it but it’s causing damage to the bottom one so I’ve stopped before all of it became unreadable. This two labels thing is the biggest concern and I might’ve overlooked the other two if it wasn’t for this. All I’ve been able to get off the bottom label is “Grapevine” and “Shipbob” in the return address, while the top label says it’s from Moreno Valley.
Second thing I noticed was that the usb-c cable included will not secure itself in the Model T’s port but other cords do. Not only that but even holding the cord in the port wouldn’t allow it to be seen by the desktop app and only appeared when using a different cord. This is a simple workaround but I find it odd that a cable that came with the product wouldn’t work properly.
Another thing is that the stickers I had received do not match the stickers shown in the eshop. I don’t actually intend to use any of the stickers but the fact that two of the stickers don’t match along with the double label on the package got me wondering about it.
Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I’d appreciate any answers. Thank you.

Hi, Grapevine is our US warehouse.

Sorry about the faulty cable it can happen. You can open a ticket if you would like a partial refund for it.

Stickers have changed over time, you device is perfectly safe as long as you installed FW and created your own seed.