A brand new Trezor one generate a default 24 word seed. In all documentation it is written model one will generate 12 woord seed by default


I finally made the jump and ordered a Trezor One for my tiny crypto stash. I made sure the package was not tempered before. The hologram, the plastic cover everything seemed intact. My first surprise was to find a different sticker. Instead of the four trezor branded one there was one with written LOVE with the O being a bitcoin logo. I just assumed there are many different stickers so not too worried about that.

  • My first real surprise was the seed recovery paper card was 24 words long. In all documentation I could find it was written: A model one will generate by default 12 words long passphrase. I was not very concerned I just thought you send the same seed paper card to everyone no matter if its a T or a One model.
  • However after loading the Trezor Suite, verifying the PGP signature on my machine and setting up the wallet during the setup I was surprised to find it required to write down a 24 words seed. I tried it both in the wallet.trezor.io and in the Trezor Suite and both on a Linux and a windows computer. No matter what it always generated a 24 word seed phrase.

At this point I was a bit worried, all the documentation on the official trezor.io website pointed to the model one having a default 12 seed length and in order to change this you had to use a custom command line which I never performed.

Does this means my trezor package is somehow tempered with or is there an update that now will generate always 24 words long seed no matter the model? Should I trust it and go ahead or was it tempered?

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Executive Outcome

@executiveoutcome no, every documentation it says Trezor One has 24 word seed.

Your Trezor is not tempered, everything is correct. Please read carefully:



Could you please provide a link or reference to where you read this?

If I have already setup my Trezor T with a 12 word seed, can that be changed to 24 words, if so how to do that?

wip it ,recover it choose 24 words

you can only do it via trezorctl, this is a little advanced operation :

12 words are still safe, Trezor One has 24 because you have to enter them on computer, but with Model T you do it on the device, so 12 is still super safe, if that is your main concern