[5ETH BOUNTY] Locked out of original wallet account

My friend made OS account 2 months ago hot wallet, I recommended to get a cold storage and suggested Trezor because that’s what I’ve been using for years. 11 days ago: nfts and a bit of balance were transferred over and account profile was setup on OS on Computer A (no passphrase was prompted to sign, Trezor was used to sign for that wallet). Trezor is inactive for 11 days until plugged into Computer B where my friend realized that the Trezor wasn’t loading up the same wallet that was on Computer A, but is still logged into and connected to OS/MM on Computer A. When plugged back into the laptop, they can no longer sign anything for it and MM just freezes because it’s not connecting to that wallet anymore.

The lost wallet still shows on MM as “Trezor 1” and still connected to OpenSea/MM, can do actions on it but can’t sign for the actions.

My friend only has 1 Trezor- The 24 seed works, we’ve triple checked, did minimal manual brute forcing around some words that coulda have been misspelled, we’ve been on half a dozen fresh browsers, tried new Trezor/Ledger, used findeth, that address cannot be found anywhere connected to that seed. The Trezor has never been wiped/reset.

When we go to “account details” with the QR code, there isn’t an option to “export private key”, only option to “view on etherscan”

My friend is 99% sure a passphrase wasn’t assigned, but does recall seeing locked/hidden accounts maybe accessible via passphrase.

Computer A) Logged into the lost wallet still, connected on OS/MM and tagged “Trezor 1”, needs Trezor auth to sign/do actions but can’t auth because it’s not linked to the Trezor anymore. On Trezor, the seed connects to a whole different account without passphrase and no passphrase was used originally.

Computer B) When using the seed to login w/ Trezor, the seed connects to a whole different account without passphrase and no passphrase was used originally.

Past 3 days, we hired Bitcoin Dave (bruteforcer account recovery service) to check around combinations and the key that we have in hand, and so far no word. I’m starting to think the Trezor somehow reset and wiped the account, but the seed phrase should still work?

This has been such a headache for my friend and I as these NFTS mean a lot to us. We are willing to pay whoever helps us solve this 5ETH

The point of the question now is actually quite simple.
Connect computer A, and create a wallet trezor1 with his nft assets in it.
Did the trezor1 account use the hidden wallet function when it was created? That is, when he created the address trezor1, did he enter any characters in the image below?
It is recommended that you try his most commonly used passwords, spaces, and pin codes for trezor devices, which can all be mistyped and become passphrases for hidden wallets.
All accounts you create on MM with trezor will be called trezor1 by default.
I have tried to create mm-trezor wallet with eth of the standard wallet on my suite, and then again with the address of a hidden wallet. Both wallets are named trezor1 at the same time.
So the name trezor1 doesn’t really matter.
The most important thing is, let your friend recall what he entered in the pop-up window of the picture !
I hope what I have said will help you a little in your search process.