3dsoma Reseller not listed anymore

I have bought 3years ago a trezor through “3dsoma” that was I believe, in the official reseller list back at that time. However, it disappeared since then. Is it normal ? Or was I dreaming and never was an official reseller, and I should be careful ?
Thank you!

Hi @TCP,

I don’t know, but there’s some general info and a list of current resellers here:

However, as a general advice, you should always be careful, of course. :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you, that’s why I’m trying to make sure tha 3Dsoma was a legit reseller back at that time.
Anyway I could be sure of that info ?

Well, I suppose Community support might know, since it’s not more than 3 years ago. I didn’t have a Trezor back then myself and I don’t work for SatoshiLabs, so I have no idea. Sorry! :slight_smile:

I confirm that 3dsoma used to be official Trezor reseller.

Thank you a lot! That eases me a lot!