300000 FF9.io Tokens Randomly Appear in Wallet

I have never heard of these but google search suggests this is some sort of phishing scam.
I would appreciate advice on the following:

  • How did they deposit these? Did they somehow access sensitive info to do so, or do they just send to an address which can be viewed on a public blockchain?
  • I have not interracted with these tokens in any way. And don’t intend to. Is there any danger to my holdings at this stage?
  • Is there a way to safely delete these tokens from my wallet without compromising its security in any way? What is the best course of action?
    Thanks for any advice on this.

Hi @Mush,

Thank you for reporting this. About your questions - #1 it’s quite likely they’ve used a public address, yes. About #2 and #3, see this post.

Thanks for the reply, Petosiris. I guess I’ll be OK if I just ignore them then.

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Yes, that is the best action in this case, I believe.

THANKYOU! I’ll leave them well alone then.