2FA to protect wallet

Hi! I’ve just bought a trezor device, and I would like to know if, for secure my trezor wallet, I can use any 2FA to protect it (SMS, Google Authenticathor…)
Thanks a lot!!

2FA is not a very secure guarantee. If a hacker gains access to the server, it is perfectly possible to know what your sms or google authenticator number should be.
So now there is only u2f for hardware authentication. Verification is done by private key and public key signatures.
The trezor is a hardware device, so there is no such low-level security verification as 2FA to ensure the so-called security.

You are the owner of the wallet yourself. Do not enter the seed phrase anywhere other than the trezor device.

The Trezor wallet itself is a form of protection – you cannot make a transaction unless you physically have the Trezor.

If you wish to use a 2nd factor, set up a hidden wallet. Then the passphrase (something you know) is a 2nd factor to the device (something you have).

Using mechanisms like SMS or Google Authenticator isn’t really appropriate, because it’s another thing proving what you have: if a thief grabs your Trezor, they can also grab your phone.