24 words seed question


I’d like to use 24 words seeds on Trezor model T, so:
Is there a way using not command line method(trezorctl)?
Same for install and restoring a wallet.
What are underwater stones of using 24 seeds and why the installation of 24 seeds is so complicated? Why can’t I choose 24 words using Trezor Suite?
Can someone describe me the situation of using 24 seeds? Same, if I want Shamir backup with maximum length seeds?

Cause I don’t like saying:

The 128-bit entropy (randomness) provided by 12 words is widely considered to be plenty secure.

In terms of security 12-word recovery seed is safe enough.

Enough for whom?
Because I think 24 words could be added as default, no?

Safe enough so that it is not feasible to brute-force your wallet, even taking into account quantum computers and any foreseeable technological advances.

Using a 24-word seed doesn’t have any practical advantage, but it’s more words to store and takes a longer time to restore. The only reason T1 defaults to 24 words is to protect the Standard Recovery, so that if an attacker knows the list of words you use, it is also impossible for them to brute-force the correct order. This issue does not exist with TT.

So in conclusion, there is no good reason to make this configurable in Suite.


Without involving “speculative attacks” there is actually a good reason I would like the option of 24 word seed easily accessible.

You see, for added security, I store my seed’s words in the wrong order and store in a separate place and index containing the order of the words. That way both items are needed to recover the key. However, the number of 12-word permutations is small enough for classical computers to break making this method useless for 12 word seeds.

I know that there is fancy multi-backup seeds in Trezor, but I have been using this method for years. It works with any wallet (not only Trezor) and I use multiple and would like to keep a consistent backup solution for all my wallets.

It is very annoying that the Trezor model T, being so expensive, does not have this feature easily accessible.