2 Trezors not working

I have 2 Trezor’s, one I store some NFT’s on which are Cryptobonds, (you mature them directly on the dapp upon maturity), in the past I’ve hit mature, confirmed the gas, then trezor pops up and you put in 8 digit code to approve, no probs.
This week I’ve been trying to do that constantly and nothing from Trezor pops up, it show’s as pending in activity on meta but when I then check on Etherscan I can’t see tx and nothing happens it just sit’s pending. That’s the first problem. So I tried removing both the Trezor’s from metamask and re-importing, the first one was fine and I’ve got it showing back on meta. The second when I hit connect hardware wallet it show’s the list of address’s but show’s the wallet address of first already imported Trezor, and that is saying already imported. I click through many pages of addresses but can’t see the wallet address for my second Trezor. Any assistance would be great thanks.

Second issue is pretty much sorted, i can get the second Trezor to show wallet in meta, now it only shows my meta wallet and one Trezor, (whichever is connected), where previously it showed meta with both Trezors. But i can live with that. First issue woupd be great if anyone could help with. Thanks

Hi @CryptoCabochon

If you are experiencing an issue with a pending transaction, check the video below first, to make sure, your previously sent transactions went through successfully as they could get stuck the other transactions in a queue.