2 Trezor T devices connected to 1 Suite on same PC?

Can I connect 2 trezor T devices to the same Trezor Suite on the same PC?

2 Eth accounts with a seperate Trezor connected to each

Each with own seed

I can see how to add accounts but not devices?


Hi @brynmorgan
You can connect multiple devices to Trezor Suite.
However the app will never have more wallets (standard / hidden) “active” at the same time.
You can always operate with just one at a time even though more can be loaded after the discovery process and their balances are present at the modal.

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Another question.

Ihave one trezor at the moment with a standard wallet linked to metamask and I can move NFTs to and from it easily

I have added a second hidden wallet on the same trezor device and have moved 1 NFT to this hidden wallet without issue

I am struggling to move it back as when I try to add an ADDITIONAL hardware wallet to metamask metamask cant find the hidden wallet. So I cant connect that hidden wallet to opensea to make the transfer ?

Suggestions please?

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I am not sure what is the issue over here.
Why are you adding additional hw wallet to your Metamask if you are trying to send the tokens from the hidden wallet already added ?
Please note that for sending tokens (signing transactions) you need appropriate private keys that are derived from combination of recovery seed and passphrase. So to be able to spend from the hidden (passphrase protected) wallet you need to “log in” to this wallet (that means you have to use same seed and enter exactly the same passphrase).

Apologies I am not explaining myself well. I strugglw with the terminology I think

I have 2 accounts set up in Trezor Suite under the same seed

1 of them I have connected successfully to my Metamask Wallet

I want to connect the 2nd account to the same Metamask wallet

I am struggling to do this

So my question is is it possible to have 2 trezor accounts connected to the same metamask wallet at the same time or do I need to disconnect one first before adding the other ?

Many thanks for the replies - much appreciated

Thank you for clarifying that @brynmorgan
Since you are using the same seed all accounts you are able to create in Trezor Suite are corresponding with the ones you can export to third party app.

Please see pictures below:

Account in Trezor Suite:

Trezor accounts to be viewed in MetaMask using the same seed:

Thank you @MichalZ

So could you have both of those Eth addressess (0x91 and 0xF5) in the same metamask wallet? You just go through the “connect hardware” process twice?

My photo below is screenshot of my first trezor eth account already in my Metamask wallet.

So using your accounts as example you could have 0x91 as Trezor 1 and then follow the same process to add account 0xF5 and call it say Trezor 2?

Splitting my message as Im only allowed to upload one media as a new user. Remainder of message on next comment


My hesitance is I found this on google saying only one account (last bullet point). I dont want to connect the 2nd account and it overwrite the first !


The terminolgy around this industry and the fact I am only a month in makes it very hard for me to explain things so apologies

You can use another browser to install a MM, connect trezor, and choose a different address. This method is simpler.

Yes that’s correct.

Frankly speaking that seems to me as an unfortunate formulation from Metamask (regarding to the half hidden url it looks like their official document) because you can connect only one account at the time but if the accounts already connected (in our case 0x91 and 0xF5) are from the same wallet you need the same private keys in order to sign transaction when spending from those addresses.

Therefore you can just stay in the MM interface and choose which account you want to spend from without having to reconnect the device. Thus both of those account are “active”.

So no wonder you found this confusing. I’ll reach out to MetaMask and I will warn them about this misleading information.

Don’t worry you can’t overwrite the first account by importing another one.

No need to apologize we’ve all been there :wink:

If you would have any additional question please do not hesitate to ask.
It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Yes thats something I had considered but the downside of that is that its a new additional metamask seed to manage



Thank you very much for such a detailed and clear response

Thansk Bryn


Actually just to double check

I dont have 2 ETH addresses in one trezor wallet, I have 2 trezor wallets, each with their own ETH address (see below image). Both are on the same device so on the same seed but the hidden one needs the pass phrase too

Still good to add the same Metamask wallet?

hi @brynmorgan
In this case what is mentioned above does not apply.

As * The passphrase and recovery seed belong together. Neither can be used without the other (if you want to spend funds from address in the passphrase protected wallet).
In other words if you use passphrase, the private key is different so you always need to use right “formula” (combination of recovery seed and passphrase).

Therefore in this case you can import addresses from two different wallets (Standard and Hidden) but if you want to spend from the account that were created in your Hidden wallet you have to enter your passphrase when connecting to Metamask.

Note that you will see the account from your Trezor hidden in Metamask all the time because MM works in this case as “watch-only” wallet but again in order to spend from that account - passphrase needs to be entered.

Please let me know if the explanation is clear enough :slight_smile:


So I can add it to Metamask alongside the other wallet/address and the only difference is I need to enter the passphrase (a) when connecting the wallet/acct to Metamask and (b) when spending / signing transactions within metamask. Correct?

Basically I want to do all this as I have 1 NFT in the hidden wallet and want to transfer it to another wallet I own. To do this I need metamask to connect to opensea to action the transfer (as NFTS dont show in Suite so I cant action the transfer from there)

I would like to add miore NFTS to hidden wallets but only once I know how to move them out again (this one NFT was a test!)

trezor does not seem to support NFT


You cant view them in Trezor Suite but you can manage them on a Trezor. Connect Trezor to Metamask then connect that metamask wallet to Opensea and you can view them and manage them - Buy/Sell?Transfer etc

Note: I have deleted your screenshot as you should not expose your funds and other sensitive info such as addresses or TxIDs online :wink:

yes that’s correct.

Regarding the NFT support:
None-fungible tokens can be managed via 3rd party wallets such as Metamask even with Trezor however there might be some issues.
Please note that we don’t have the capacity to test all the networks that you can manage your NFTs with, thus we can’t provide customer support for those and assure you that everything will run smoothly.
Thank you for understanding.

Hi @MichalZ

Thanks for confirming and thats what I needed so all good now

Once the wallet is connected to MM I know how to deal with NFTs so no help needed there

Thanks for your patience today!

Thanks Bryn