1st time model 1 use fingerprint doesn't match

I bought a Model one years ago and never used it. Trying to load firmware, the fingerprint on the device screen doesn’t match with that on the downloaded suite. I’m using a macbook Air with Ventura 13.2.1, which has only USB-C, requiring me to use an adapter to connect the cord provided. One post asked this, but the solution was to use another computer. This is the only one I have. Please help!

Additionally, I’m unable to access bootloader mode by holding both buttons down while plugging device into my computer - nothing changes in suite.

Hi @JPSattler,

The issue is most likely caused by old bootloader version in your Trezor. You need to factory reset your Trezor, the latest firmware and bootloader will be installed to your device then.

In order to perform the factory reset, you will need to connect your Trezor to bootloader mode. In case your Trezor is not recognized in bootloader mode on your computer, try a different computer where you can connect your Trezor directly (without a USB adapter) or try to use a different adapter.

After your Trezor is recognized in bootloader mode by Trezor Suite, follow these steps on how to perform factory reset: https://trezor.io/support/a/how-to-reset-your-pin
(same as if you need to reset PIN)

means you never opened the box and never installed firmware?

if the above is true, this would indicate that you are in bootloader mode.

Is Suite asking you to install firmware? If yes, that’s the right thing.

There have been several issues about something like this on Trezor Suite, maybe there are still problems?

What fingerprint do you see and what is Suite telling you?
(post a picture of Trezor screen, or type over the first 8 characters, that is enough for me to look up the full thing)

When I plug the model 1 in, it asks do I want to download firmware. Upon the affirmative reply, I get the fingerprint starting with 2CDB86EA7ACC etc

That is the “intermediate firmware” for Trezors below version 1.8.0.

The full fingerprint should be: 2cdb86ea7acca0e48a063b48ca22679ca9093ec7cda9fa561ffc322cba7c3149
(upper/lowercase does not matter)

I’m assuming Suite is showing you this one?
That would be the fingerprint of the “normal” firmware version 1.12.1.

If that’s the case, then it is a Suite bug (this one), but you can proceed without worry. The installation process installs the “intermediate” firmware first, then you need to confirm “install firmware” again, and then the “normal” firmware is installed.

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Your recommendation got me set up. Thanks.

Whenever i Logged into my trezor my finger print does not match, Can anyone help

Hi @steve,

have you tried to factory reset your Trezor?