12 hours and didn't transfer my ETH

I transferred etherium from my trezor to binance, but it’s been 12 hours and it hasn’t been transferred, it’s saying that the transaction hasn’t been confirmed yet, and I can’t increase the commission amount, it’s saying that I don’t have enough gas, what can to have happened? Shall I wait? Did I lose my ETH? The address is correct for my wallet.

Hello @luks775,

You can use the RBF feature(if enabled) to speed up the transaction.

In order to bump the transaction fee, you must have some Ethereum in your wallet to cover the fee.

If you are not sure, you can contact us via Support | Trezor Knowledge Base and provide your transaction ID so we can check what the issue is.

I didn’t really understand what I should do, I found it complex, sorry for my lack of skills, I made normal transactions every month and now I’m faced with this problem, here’s the identification number of the transaction that is still stopped:

NOTE: I can’t increase the commission value because it says I don’t have enough gas, but I have etherium in balance.

The video you sent me was made on metamask, I don’t have an account on the metamask website.

I managed to carry out the procedure in the video and managed to solve it, thank you very much.

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