1000 Ronin Accounts in 1 Trezor Wallet

Hi everyone, as I read everyone’s statement that there should only be 50 ronin accounts in one passphrase, but mine’s can create 1000 ronin accounts. Is this normal?

Hi @jettpagayon

are you sure that you are looking at the Trezor account, not the Ronin standalone one ?

I have just tested and I am able to choose out of 1000 addresses as well.

It shows something like this

So, is it safe to create 1000 ronin accounts under 1 seedphrase?

I would say it is.

We will contact Axie Infinity/ Ronin team to double check.
I’ll get back to you here as soon as we have an answer from them

Thank you so much! @MichalZ I’ll continue creating accounts for now.

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Hello people,

I just bought my first trezor model one wallet but currently I think there’s something wrong about it, as I’m familiar with, the maximum ronin address can be created is 50, and yet in my situation I can create maximum of 1k ronin address tell me are there any problem in my trezor wallet? or did I missed something like updates, new features wherein we can now create 1k ronin accounts in one wallet? enlighten me please.

It’s now clear thank you guys.